Privacy Statement
Last updated: March 02, 2020

Privacy Statement iSlide B.V.

iSlide B.V. (hereinafter referred to as: “iSlide”) offers various products and services. Due to the nature of our services iSlide holds certain personal data of you.

Personal data stands for all the data that can be traced back to a natural person, for instance your address details or a photo. When you share your personal data with iSlide, iSlide processes your personal data. The term processing must be interpreted broadly. There is, for instance, a processing act when you use a slide with photo and/or video option or when you decide to purchase the photo and/or video from us.
iSlide believes that accurate handling of personal data is of utmost importance. Personal data is therefore processed and secured diligently by us. Upon the processing of personal data we comply with the requirements imposed by the European Data Protection Act. iSlide informs you of the use of your personal data and offer you the possibility of inspecting your data at all times.

iSlide is the controller of the data processing, you can find our contact details at the bottom of this privacy statement. In this privacy statement we explain to you what personal data we collect and for what objectives we use the personal data. iSlide advises you to read this privacy statement carefully.

Use of personal data

By making use of our services you therefore leave certain personal data with iSlide after explicit permission has been given. iSlide only retains and uses the personal data that is directly made available by you or of which it is clear upon specification that it is made available to iSlide.

iSlide can use the following data of you:
– Email address;
– Name (address) details;
– Payment details;
– Billing address;
– Age;
– Gender.

Overview of processing acts

Below you can find an overview in which we outline the most important processing acts in respect of your personal data. The objective of the overview is to give an idea as clear as possible of what iSlide processes personal data for.


For certain parts of our services you first need to register. After registration iSlide retains the personal data made available by you. iSlide retains this data in order that you do not need to keep entering the same data, in order that we can contact you within the framework of the implementation of the agreement, invoicing and payment and in order that we can provide you with an overview of the products and services that you purchased from us.

Only children from the age of 16 years or older can act by themselves. For children under 16 years of age parental approval or legal guardians need to approve.


Our service shows generic advertisements where no personal data is collected.
Your email details that you personally made available can, however, be used by us for marketing purposes. With each and every communication of this type the possibility to unsubscribe is offered.

Marketing purposes

We use your data for the following objectives:

  • General marketing purposes;
  • Information about our products and services;
  • Social Media approach;
  • Sending newsletters and related news updates;
  • Using general information to get a picture of the use of our systems after explicit permission;
  • Advertising statements.

Supply to third parties

Your data can be shared with trusted third parties within the framework of the implementation of the agreement that you conclude with us or if we are held to do so by law. iSlide will have a processing agreement with these third parties and will demand that they meet all required technical and operational measurements in order to protect your personal data, in accordance with the European law for data protection.

iSlide cannot be held responsible for the use of your data by third parties when such use is approved for the goals of these third parties. In connection with that iSlide considers it wise that the privacy statement of these third parties will be double checked for more information.

In case of a suspicion of fraud, abuse or any other unlawful use of the data we can submit personal data to the competent authorities.

Retention of data

iSlide does not retain your data longer than necessary for the objectives for which your data is processed and only as permitted by law for a maximum of 5 years. How long certain data are retained depends on the nature of the data and the objectives for which they are processed. The retention period may therefore also differ per processing objective. After this period your data will be anonymous and can no longer be linked to you as a person. In this case we can use the anonymous information without informing you.


We follow strict security procedures at saving and using your personal data in order to protect the data against unintentional loss, deletion or damages of any kind. De information that you submit to us will be protected with SSL-technology (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is the standard method for encrypting personal data and creditcard data in order to safely process these over the internet.

Notification requirement data breaches:
Should it unexpectedly become apparent that despite our efforts something nonetheless did not go well with the protection of your personal data or if we suspect that this is the case then we shall report this to the Dutch Personal Data Authority. If the breach of your personal data potentially has unfavorable or adverse consequences for you then we inform you of this as soon as possible.

Websites of third parties

This statement is not applicable to websites, advertising expressions and any other form of expression of third parties that are linked to our website, email or payment page by means of links. We cannot guarantee that the said third parties use your personal data in a reliable or responsible manner. Therefore iSlide advises to read the privacy statements of these third parties carefully in advance before relying on these third parties.

Changes in this privacy statement

We reserve the right to make changes in this statement. It is recommended to regularly consult this statement in order that you are informed of the said changes.

Inspection and change of your data

You are entitled to inspect your personal data. You can ask us what personal data we registered from you and for what objectives the data are used.
We do ask you to provide proof of identity, this way we can check whether we also supply the personal data to the correct person.
In addition you are entitled to have your personal data changed, if they are incorrect. You can also ask us to delete your personal data. We can, however, not always delete all requested data on account of the fact that we are (may be) held to retain certain data.
For questions about our privacy statement or if you wish to rely on your rights you can always contact us via We react to your request within 4 weeks.

iSlide B.V. is a tradename of Eclectic Projects B.V., residing at Het Sterrenbeeld 23, 5215 MK, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, KvK: 5693 9957.