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iSlide upgrades the waterslide experience by turning your waterslide into an iSlide, to make it Even More Fun.
After all, who doesn’t want to have even more fun? A waterslide experience you’ll never forget. We breathe new life into existing waterslides by adding sounds, lights and projections. Sliders can choose a theme at the start of the slide and as soon as the Traffic Light turns green, the whole slide simulates the chosen theme.

Create new experiences
It’s our mission to give your riders the very best experience. Although the ride is spectacular already, we can add even more fun. We have several solutions for improving existing waterslides to create an unforgettable experience.

Curious about the possibilities for your waterpark?
Collaboration is our passion, so let’s join forces and take the first step in rebranding your waterslide(s), and together we will create even more fun for your guests.

Exciting Features

iSlide - ColorMagic


iSlide - AquaSmash


iSlide - StarrySky


iSlide - SpaceRings


iSlide - SpaceBarrel


iSlide - SpaceTwister


iSlide - ColorRings


iSlide - ColorBarrel


iSlide - ColorTwister


iSlide - WaterScreen with Projection

WaterScreen with Projection

iSlide - Projection


iSlide - CrazyDot


iSlide - Lasers

Interactive full color Lasers

iSlide - Moving Heads

Moving Heads

iSlide - 360Projection


iSlide - Traffic Light

Traffic Lights

iSlide - Sound


iSlide - Speedometers & Scoreboards

Speedometers & Scoreboards

Design & realisation

Unmatched quality, rooted in Dutch design.

We start by investigating which solutions
are best suited to your slide. We explore the possibilities, budget, wishes and target groups of the specific slide, and provide you with a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Smart engineering.

The next step is to engineer drawings of your slide and cable diagrams. As an optional extra, we can generate a 3D animation of your iSlide so that you can see it for yourself on screen. This can then be used to give your visitors a sneak preview of what’s to come.


Once all products and effects have been assembled and fitted with our custom-made software, your solutions will leave our plant, ready to be installed. Together with you and our installation partners, we will make sure everything works perfectly and train your maintenance personnel to use the iSlide system.

Services in the broadest sense.

After installation you can join the iSlide Community. Membership of the iSlide Community has many benefits, including:

  • Direct access to the service line.
  • Automatic implementation of the latest software updates in the system when available.
  • System security will be kept up to date.
  • An annual technical survey, including reporting and advice.
  • Discount on new products in the future.
  • Content changes
  • Collecting user and management data
  • Statistics
  • Online technical support

Night slide

Attract a new audience, extend opening hours, boost your revenue.

We are all trying to stand out in this world, to be iconic. More is more seems to be the motto when it comes to entertaining visitors in your water park. iSlide has developed a great way of attracting more customers and keeping the water park open longer. We can light up your waterslides in the dark. With tailor-made solutions, the outside of the slide can be completely illuminated. Our special software and an online connection are all that’s needed to turn the slide green on St. Patrick’s Day and red on Valentines Day, all from our head office in the Netherlands.

The Night Slide helps you unlock your business potential.
We believe that longer opening hours and attracting more visitors will contribute to achieving your targets. Choosing something different and diversification in what you have to offer will help you achieve your goals. Don’t forget to aim high.

Get in touch to find out how we can brighten your day!

A sustainable transformation

iSlide has the perfect technology to future-proof your existing waterslides.
You could always add a new waterslide, but what about revamping your older slides? This requires much less investment compared to installing a new slide. We are committed to breathing new life into your existing waterslides.
We are on the verge of a new generation.

People, planet and profit are the driving forces that make us think about the footprint we leave behind for the coming generations.

We aim to limit our demands on nature and to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. We follow and implement new developments to provide as much fun as we can while limiting the impact we have on nature and people.

What our clients say

Our clients and partners amongst others:


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